Company Profile

P.N. Mashru Ltd was founded in 1985 on the principle of “Endeavour & Achieve” by the Directors of the Company who embarked upon an ambitious and progressive growth plan with a focused vision.

The Company’s Vision Statement is
“…to be the transporter of choice in the East and Central Africa region by setting the highest standards of integrity, safety and best environmental practices whilst offering our valued clients a requirement oriented logistics solution”

The Company’s Mission Statement is
“…to consistently improve and evolve in all areas of our management and operations by striving to provide a quality and timely service whilst ensuring a safe & secure working environment at all times.”

The Company’s Headquarters are in Mombasa with branch offices in Nairobi, Eldoret, Malaba and Kampala.


We actively look after the wellbeing of our employees and we ensure that our experts have what they require to carry out fruitful work with our customers. In our view, wellbeing at work is created, above all, through good work. We strive, in a number of ways, to ensure that our personnel have the conditions they need to succeed in their work. 

In a rapidly changing world, competence has become a crucial factor in terms of wellbeing and coping at work. At P. N. Mashru Ltd, we invest strongly in developing competence and we make use of the latest training methods, workshops, meetings, mentoring and coaching.
Our Personnel are trained, tested and certified for rig operations by Lloyd British Testing Ltd. The personnel include crane operators, banks men and rig move coordinators.