Transport & Logistics

P. N. Mashru Ltd is a leading transport company in East and Central Africa. We do offer a range of transport services ranging from fuel to containerized cargo. We are a regional, full service transport and logistics company offering scalable and flexible solutions to our customers – to and from any destination. We employ industry leading truck brands fitted with the latest cutting edge tracking technology. We are well connected to government agencies, parastatals, regional warehousing, port, factory and farm distribution network in East and Central Africa. We are accountable, have an acute attention to detail and offer a broad range of value added services such as sourcing, storage, warehousing and escort. In order to be the leaders in this industry, we constantly innovate, constantly seek improvements and are committed to service excellence.

We have drop side, flat bed, skeletal and low boy services. We carry general cargo, containers, steel coils and wire, steel beams, food stuff, clinker, grain, salt. in our varied and special type equipment. Our team of skilled logisticians track the vehicles throughout the journey and advise the customer on the progress. We also have an efficient fleet management system that allows for efficient and effective transport solution thereby reducing running costs which in turn enable us to offer cost effective services to our customers.