With a complete range of Road transport Services; we leverage volumes smartly to deliver competitive road transport services to and from worldwide destinations. Through our network of experienced professionals, strong world logistics connections and flexibility, we take it upon us to yearly undertake route surveys that cover our main transport routes. From Mombasa to Hoima in Uganda and any other new routes that are required to be surveyed.

Our representative’s stay close to your cargo from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely informed of its progress updating you on the road network and conditions prior to delivery and the most relevant equipment to handle your cargo. We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery of your cargo, and give you opinion of probable costs for the various carriage before shipment

Issues examined in the survey include:

  • Perceived causes of road crashes and accidents.
  • To identify any significant changes in road conditions and bridges.
  • Identify viable routes for over-height/weight cargos.
  • Identify nature and the condition of the roads before transport.
  • We take it upon us to survey a new route before transporting cargo to that destination.
  • Check the safety spots for the cargo that is travelling long distances.