At P. N. Mashru Ltd, we recognize that innovation can only exist with a solid core of expertise. From remote fleet management, custom fleet modifications to innovative new equipment designs, we are continually improving the way operations are completed.

Oilfield transportation services

Oilfield transportation services, also known as rig moving services, are unique to the geothermal, oil and gas industries. When a client (a drilling contractor) needs to move a drilling rig, its auxiliary equipment and housing units from one drilling site to another or from Mombasa port to the drilling site, they call on our expertise.

With our fleet of specialised off-road trucks we transport the rig to site where the rig will be re-assembled quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely. We go when and where our clients need us to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

This is often in extreme weather and in very difficult conditions: down muddy roads, over mountainous terrain and in swampy locations. This makes P. N. Mashru Ltd one of the preferred rig moving companies in the industry.

We make it our mandate to innovate in a new industry that has never been, to say the least, done locally.

P. N. Mashru Ltd supplies all of the needed trucks, low bed, extendable trailers and cranes as well as truck pushers and labourers on site. Given our past experience, P. N. Mashru Ltd is well known for speed and minimal downtime combined with the highest professionalism and safety.

Transport of Equipment

Inland transportation services for equipment and materials needed for the geothermal, oil and gas operations are also offered by P.N. Mashru Ltd from Mombasa port to Olkaria, Garissa and Lokichar – or whichever location the rig and equipment is required.

We can move drilling rigs, auxiliary equipment and housing units from port of discharge (Mombasa Port) to the drilling site. We also move testing equipment, spares, accessories and consumable supplies.

Equipment Rental

We also offer equipment rental for rig operations such as prime movers, flatbed and drop side trucks, low loaders, extendable trailers, cranes and stanchions and other lifting accessories (web slings, wire rope, chain slings, and shackles).